Sunday, April 1, 2012

tour bunaken with guide jotjelala

tour bunaken with guide jotje lala.
if you do not have  time to stay in bunaken island and have willing to visit bunaken to sihgtseeng or snorkling.
i am guide jotje lala can organize and guide you for this trips. i guide the place for snorlkling spots in bunaken.for one day you will see alots.
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mobile phone:+6281340310671

Saturday, March 31, 2012

guide jotje lala

guide jotje lala
if you visit mahawu volcano in my city tomohon the rubish on the top of volcano is not the same like before.
now is clean.than you for all the tourist with me or employee me as guide for guide them and thanks for travel agent in manado and in makasar used me as guide for their guest and participate with me to clean the place every times i go there.
i will return to bunaken i do the same like i do on the i was in bunaken from 1989-1993 in papaboa homestay bunaken island.1993-1996 in jakarta and 1996 in papa boa bunaken again to 19 99. 1999 reporter in tabloid gema harapan after got journalist certificate 2000-2011 happy flower homestay tomohon city.
do the best environtment for the owner[for ours grand childrens.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

bunaken national park seagarden

Bunaken under water national park sea garden is located in manado-norh sulawesi indonesia.

The whole are comprises of bunaken,manadotua,siladen,nain and montehage islang,tongkeina and tiwoho.of coastal area in molas and arakan wawontulap in the southof bunaken island .The sea garden of bunaken island is especially magnificent and abundant with various forms and with varous forms and colors of the corals and underwater creatures and fish.Among the atraction that is rarely found in ohter places are the sleep drop offs,caves,tunnels,cracks and magnificent known around the world as  one of the most beautiful sea garden in world,visited by foreingn and by domestic tourists.A range of facilities are provided on Bunaken island,such as lodging,restaurant,glass-bottomed boat[catamarant for undiver holiday].diving equipments,etc.Its isonly about 30 minuts trip from manado city to bunaken national park seagarden. by speed boat

bunaken diving tour

bunaken diving tour

bunaken snorkling tour

bunaken snorkling tour